Across our units we connect businesses with their customers through end-to-end intelligent solutions.

Together with a roundup of world-leading business and tech experts our offering is crafted to create groundbreaking digital client-customer relationships.


From a traditional service business to a technology-driven public company—SAIS Group is one of the fastest-growing enterprises of today.

Starting with a desire to bring our business into the digital space, we have evolved into a high-growth intelligent digital ecosystem that provides personalised technology solutions to businesses and brands.

Backed by a network of lifestyle partners and enabled by a proprietary digital platform, we bring dynamic solutions to our clients and give partner enterprises sophisticated consumer insights on their customers.
We continue to innovate at the speed of technology. By incorporating AI technologies to our offering, we’re are creating groundbreaking new benchmarks and establishing ourselves as the trusted intermediary between brands and consumers in the luxury sphere.

SAIS. Intelligent Services.




The link between a business and its customer lies at the heart of all we do.

Because of our history we always had a special motivation of making the customer the central piece of our thinking. Quality of interaction, communication and knowledge would be at the heart of every action we undertook. We always favoured a timely and highly qualitative approach to any customer relation rather than a purely functional one.

This has led us to think about the role of customer knowledge and data in the digital age as critical to our role. We believe that the digitalisation of a business does not diminish the customer relationship but on the contrary it creates opportunities to magnify and enhance it while improving its economics.  

SAIS’s role is to provide intelligent digital solutions to create a privileged link between the business and its customer.


Bertrand Faure Beaulieu

Chairman & Founder

Bertrand is a visionary entrepreneur who has achieved considerable success from identifying new opportunities in the global marketplace. He has created, built and sold businesses in industries such as banking, commodities, technology and corporate health.

Quentin Chiarugi

Chief Executive Officer

Quentin has spent more than 15 years working on the forefront of luxury customer experiences. He has held various management positions in prestigious London venues, as well as senior executive roles in Asia, building and managing luxury businesses.

Togi Gouw

Chief Financial Officer

Togi brings with him 30 years of experience working as a business-driven CFO and General Manager with blue chip companies such as Philips Electronics, Energizer and Schneider Electric. He holds a strong accounting and financial background in both consumer and retail businesses.

Michael Jon Hardman

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael has over 20 years of marketing and commercial experience, holding senior marketing positions in companies such as Microsoft and Burberry. He is an accomplished brand creative and marketing strategist who has also run his own marketing consultancy. He is skilled in articulating luxury in the online channel.

Will Beattie

Chief Technology Officer

Will has enjoyed a 15-year career at the vanguard of digital product development. With experience spanning the media, advertising, finance, insurance, and professional services industries, Will is an early pioneer of cloud computing and an avowed agile project management evangelist.

Paolo Bulgari

Honorary Chairman

Paolo, President of the Bulgari Group since 1984, has overseen the rapid and successful expansion of the revered Italian jewellery and luxury goods brand. After attending law school, he joined the family firm in 1960 where he specialised in precious stones to become one of the world’s leading experts in this field today.